Registration & Coffee
08:00  to  09:00
Opening Remarks from the Chair, Steve Osborn
09:00  to  09:10
KEYNOTE: Food Policy: The Keys And Blocks To Delivering Future Proteins
09:10  to  09:40
  • The meat problem and the search for alternative proteins
  • Consumers need to change, but the issue is: in what direction? 
  • The challenge of getting policy-maker engagement, or will they be forced to? 
Tim Lang, Keynote Speaker. Professor of Food Policy. Centre For Food Policy, City University.
PANEL: Vital Industry Actions For Meeting Future Protein Requirements
09:40  to  10:10
  • Key factors that are driving the future protein agenda
  • Examining different pathways to developing healthy, affordable, sustainable protein rich diets
  • What’s the role of food manufacturers, retailers, investors, NGOs and governments in ensuring high supply and demand for alternative proteins?
  • Leading education through the supply chain
  • Collaborating across the protein supply chain to shift production and consumption of protein onto a more sustainable path
Dr Maurits Burgering. Agri-Food Lead. TNO.
Rosie Wardle. Programme Director. FAIRR INITIATIVE.
Simon Billing. Principal Sustainability Advisor. Forum For The Future.
Claire Hughes. Head of Nutrition and Science. Marks & Spencer.
Analysing Global Market Demand & New Growth Opportunities For Protein
10:10  to  10:30
  • Examining the future protein landscape on alternative protein sources:​
    • Reviewing current and emerging protein classes and its key developers
    • Benchmarking the resource consumption and footprint of alternative proteins
  • Discussing the key bottlenecks to alternative protein adoption
  • Forecasting long-term market shares of future protein sources
  • Finding the winning formula for alternative protein sources
Arnold Bos. Consultant. Lux Research.
Morning Q&A/Debate
10:30  to  10:40
Morning refreshments, networking & taste sessions
10:40  to  11:00
Exploring Meat Alternatives: Future Sustainable Production Of Foods
11:00  to  11:20
  • Examining work on the novel technology for meat alternatives and the new opportunities it offers
  • The importance of making suitable ingredients in a sustainable manner for this application
  • Demonstrating that optimal ingredients for meat alternatives are obtained by mild fractionation rather than complete fractionation
  • Defining future research goals
Prof Atze Jan van der Goot. Dept of Agrotech and Food Sciences. Wageningen University & Research.
Extracting New Sources of Protein From Waste Streams
11:20  to  11:50
  • Examining developments in waste stream valorisation:
    • algae, whey, Insect, potato, green vegetables
  • Overview of sector-wide collaboration in exploiting the potential of these new protein sources
Dr Maurits Burgering. Agri-Food Lead. TNO.
Cultured Meat: When Will It Be On The Menu?
11:50  to  12:15
  • Growing meat in the lab – the answer to future protein requirements?
  • Tracking developments towards affordable cultured meat
  • Addressing regulatory and consumer hurdles to bringing cultured meat to market
Peter Verstrate. CEO. Mosameat.
The Potential Of Insects As An Alternative Protein
12:15  to  12:35
  • Edible insects: types, market landscape & key factors
  • The challenge of gaining consumer acceptance
Shami Radia. Co-Founder. EAT GRUB.
Pre-Lunch Q&A/Debate
12:35  to  12:45
12:45  to  13:40
Examining The Latest Research on Protein Functions and Nutrition
13:40  to  14:00
  • How much protein is too much protein?
  • Matching protein ingredients with nutritional functions and examining the impact protein structure has on function, digestibility and satiety 
  • Novel proteins and allergies
Dr Martin Wickham. Life Sciences Business Consultant. MSKWICKHAM.
Promoting the Case for Protein Diversity: How Can We Drive Sustainable Eating Patterns in the UK?
14:00  to  14:15
Tom Cumberlege. Associate Director, Business Advice. The Carbon Trust.
Key Formulation Challenges and Considerations During the Development of New Products
14:15  to  14:45
  • Innovative extraction processes
  • Formulation challenges and trade-offs 
  • Strategies for minimising adverse effects 
  • Satiety and functional benefits of proteins
  • Consumer acceptability and mainstream opportunities
Seth Tibbott. Chairman & Founder. The Tofurky Company.
Reetta Kivelä. CTO. Gold & Green Foods OY.
Fireside Chat: The Landscape for Investment
14:45  to  15:15
Niccolò Manzoni. Founding Partner. Five Seasons Ventures.
Afternoon Q&A
15:15  to  15:30
Networking Roundtables & Afternoon Refreshments
15:30  to  16:00
Innovation Showcase: Welcome & Introduction
16:00  to  16:45

How Can Alternative Proteins Make Commerical Sense, Achieve Scale-Up and Make It to the Mainstream?
Prof. Bryan Hanley, Food Specialist, Innovate UK - Knowledge Transfer Network


Hear updates from innovators who are pioneering the development of new, protein formulations & making NPD a key objective including:

Showcase 1: Driving Protein Shifts With Innovation In New Product Development

  • Identifying on-trend areas and developing novel propositions that encourage protein shifts:
  • fish protein noodles
  • Key considerations when selecting proteins for different applications
  • Quality and taste: the key to mainstream customer acceptance

Matthew McAuliffe, Head of Product Development and Inspiration, Winterbotham Darby

Showcase 2: Introducing Peck Drinks

PECK drinks' are the world's first natural protein drink made using egg white, soya milk and real fruit. Egg white provides nature's finest quality protein with little need for harsh processing, whilst also providing consumer's with a dairy free alternative.
Matthew Havers, Founder/Director, Peck Drinks

Showcase 3: The role of Artificial Intelligence in discovering new value in protein from peptides

Founded in 2014 by mathematician and computational biologist, Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas™ is revolutionising the discovery of novel, natural and scientifically proven active ingredients that can manage and improve human health. The company’s disruptive computational approach to discovery uses deep learning and DNA analysis to, for the first time ever, rapidly and efficiently target, predict and unlock bioactive peptides from food. 
Neil Foster, Commercial Manager, Nuritas


Interested in showcasing your product? Contact today!

Neil Foster. Commercial Manager. Nuritas .
Matthew Havers. Founder/Director. Peck Drinks.
Matthew Mcauliffe. Head of Product Development and Inspiration. Winterbotham Darby.
Bryan Hanley. Specialist in Agri-Food. Knowledge Transfer Network.
Nic Gorini. Co-Founder & CEO. Jools Drinks.
Marketing Proteins To Consumers
16:45  to  17:00
  • Best ways to market functional ingredients and promote health claims
  • Measuring customers’ perception of health claims
  • How to make customers connect with health claims
  • Comparing approaches to educating consumers about protein functions and benefits
  • How best to hook into current consumer trends in ‘free from’ and ‘natural’ foods to promote alternative proteins
Verity Clifton. Consultant. The Healthy Marketing Team.
PANEL: Gaining Consumer Acceptance for Alternative and Novel Proteins
17:00  to  17:30
  • Changing customers’ perception and create acceptability for alternative and novel proteins 
  • Developing strategies to overcome the taste it once hurdle 
  • Comparing market positioning  strategies for ‘instead of’ proteins versus new concept protein products

Moderator: Jennifer Pardoe, Founder of Zest

Dr Depen Patel. Founder. 4SOME HEALTH.
Peter Verstrate. CEO. Mosameat.
Shami Radia. Co-Founder. EAT GRUB.
Jennifer Pardoe. Founder. ZEST.
Closing Comments from the Chair and Start of Drinks Reception
17:30  to  18:30
Close of Drinks Reception
17:30  to  18:30